Jul 10, 2012

A Little Chinese Lesson: Language


Below is the draft note I did in preparation for my video.

I ended up not doing all that I was planning to do. When doing the video, it just wasn't as important.

Apr 9, 2012

I could have been a calligrapher.


Mashi's confused face:

Back when I was in school, I would take the chances to do some calligraphy, writing my class' subjects with it's own typography:

Or make my own holiday cards, Below are only the copies and my back ups.

My artistic ability comes from my grandpa (mother's side), below is a scroll of some examples of his names seals:

Closer look, click on the pictures to enlarge:

Youtube what happened to this version of you?

Jan 31, 2012

New Year, New Goals


Below are p
ictures referencing an old 90s cartoon. A little nod from my youth, where instead of agreeing with it's main protagonist of wanting to "take over the world," I have the main goal of wanting to change it… for the better. I hope to be of use to this world. And my 1st step to getting there is to getting the Google job.

A megalomaniac with a GAINT head for it's relatively short body desires power for I don't know what, but I want to align myself with power players so that I can achieve my goals on a more shorter timespan.

With a better likelihood that I'll get a broader chance to influence, impact, and inspire a wide range of people. And to do that you need to be seen, on a large stage. Dream BIG! Big enough where the world can feel the impact of your dreams. And sometimes you need the help of powerful industries to achieve those said dreams.

"?... But, what are those dreams," you may ask?... That's what this year is all about, 1 step closer to having the ability to showing you what they are. . . . so stay tune.

Below is one of the many drafts I did in preparation to doing my Youtube video. (link is at the top, click on the pic for a larger view.) A rough outline of what I wanted to say and the pix I wanted to include, to better represent what I had to say.

At 1st I wanted to represent Mashi in an angry stance (like challenging the world), but thought against it, since I didn't want to start the year mad, so instead, I made Mashi look bored (seen in pix further down).

Below is the multiple sketches I did of Pinky to get the final product shown in the 2nd pic. Back story: I looked up pix on the internet and copied them on a paper, then transferring them to the final page.

Below is the back of the same sketch page, trying to get the right Mashi expression. And some Pinky expressions. I hodge podge together different Pinky pix that I copied off other pix I saw on the internet.

I gave Mashi a sort of bored, dead-eyed expression in the above pic because I wanted the transition to the below pic / expression, to be dynamic opposites. It creates a bigger impact, in tandem to the voiceover.

Below is another Draft I did, deciding which Mashi expressions I was going to use for my video (seen at the 2nd part of the video). The above pic is one of the expressions circled at the top-left hand corner. Notice for the final product it changed.

For the post-it notes, I used them to see which Mashies worked best when in animation form. I flipped the 2 pages trying to see if they would work as good key frames. (Knowhow of animation technique necessary to understand what I just said.)

For the end product, I ended up doing a combo of the 2 Mashies I was choosing from. You can see the 2 in the post-it note, right side up in blueish-green ink. The sideways ones I used elsewhere. And the "Big" Mashi in black ink is what I based the below pix on.

Below are the 2 Key frames I used to animate a joyous bouncing Mashi, ready to take on the Google job. But my animation skills are very amateurish, so Mashi just ended up looking like he was doing jumping jacks instead. "D'oh." (ーー;)

I used iMovie 8 Cross Dissolve transition effect to finish off the animation.

Nov 29, 2011

A Little Chinese Lesson: Font (Part 2)

This post is here mostly because I couldn't fit these pictures in my last post.

Below is a better view of my 3 name seals with their corresponding (unique) typefaces.

Below is a link to a wikipedia article of Chinese Traditional Characters verses their Simplified form:

Below is my own example, the Traditional Character of 風 (feng / wind):

Verses it's Simplified form -> 风:

And Lastly, Below is a visual representation of my name's () Character evolution.

From Pictogram:

To Traditional Character vs Simplified form:

And to tie all things up, my whole name, Name seal vs Simplified Character form:

Nov 14, 2011

A Little Chinese Lesson: Font (Part 1)


In order to plan for my video, I first drafted what were the most important things I wanted to get across and say. That's the below pic. Note: What I wrote in blue, ended in my next video. Wrote it on the wrong side.

In order to do my video, I prepared by reading "The Simple art of Chinese calligraphy : create your own Chinese characters and symbols for good fortune and prosperity" by Qu, Lei Lei. I saw this book at one of the Phoenix Public Libraries and thought I should read it. I thought it would be a good way to get some background info on what I needed to say in the video.

I based my 山 Pictogram evolution to standard script on his book (seen on the top row).

Like always, when I need to do something, I always 1st draft it out.

And then turn that draft into the finally product.

These pages can be found on pg. 88-91 of Mr. Qu's book. They show you how to engrave a name into a seal.

Below are the 3 different seal my grandpa made for me. All three have a different script. Showing the variety to which you can get your name done in. Plenty to choose from.

One of my seals has the detail of a Chinese lion (or maybe a dog) on top of it.

Note: I have this out of order. The red lettering with white background belongs to the seal at the bottom of the pic, and the white lettering with red background belongs to the seal at the top.

The more simplistic looking one of my seals, came with a traditional box. For safe keeping and to protect it.

The biggest seal I have also has an added note for the character of the rat. Because that's the year that I was born in.

Nov 13, 2011

A Little Chinese Lesson: Art


This time around, for my video, I wanted to show more evidence on how much I consider myself to be an artist. That's why the below contains the two art forms that I love best. Drawings and Font... with a little education thrown in. Know that these 3 things are at a glance, who I am.

If you are curious to how I did the Pictogram for the Character 木 / Mù ? . . below shows how I did it.

SideNote: Just drawing on glass, would not have been the most feasible, since as you can see... Glass is see through and the background is distracting and in the way...

So I taped some posterbroad to the other side of the glass, and Voila.... Instant, makeshift, ghetto-ize, "Whitebroad." (Downside: when shooting on glass, when there's light, it reflects, that's why there was glare shown in the video.)

I positioned my MacBook close enough to the glass that I was able to cut the black "frames" (the decorative grid in the sliding door glass) out of the shot. And that's how I did it.

The below 2 pictograms are of my name.

My surname Lin / 林.

and My 1st Name Lan / 岚

Trying to teach people my name, I thought teaching the character's history would be a good and creative way to go about doing it.

That's why if you know anything about the character 林, you would know that it's character is made up of two 木's meaning = tree, the word at the top. And by using the word 木 to form new words, it made the below 2 words. 森林 / Sēnlín, meaning = forest. And that's where the 林 / Lin in my name comes from.

As a comparison, See the difference between how 林 started out as a pictogram and then to it's modern day iteration.

Want to know what Lin / 林 technically means? With the help of my MacBook, read below:

And lastly, below is one of the many different versions of my mascot Mashi. I'm always redrawing him, trying to find the "perfect" version of him and therefore my logo... Still. not. there. yet. . .

Meaning I'm going to keep trying. Don't be surprise if you see this (or another version of this) logo again.