Oct 28, 2011

I Love Font & Cartoons.


Wanting to do a video introducing myself, I thought I could use it as an opportunity to interject some educational learning in it too. And so this is why for the next 3 videos I'm going to tell you a little bit more about China and it's history. (Or I'll try.. know that I'm not a professional, so my facts might not always be totally correct.)

By arbitrarily using my name to make that point.

Below is the 1st draft I did, to what were the main points I wanted to get across. This was Brainstorming step #1, it helps me organize my thoughts... What were my goals for the next 3 videos. I 1st wrote it out on glass.

Note: I put a poster board behind the glass so you could get a better look at what I wrote.

I then wrote a more detailed version on a sticky note. Note: For my 1st (intro) video, I was only able to get through the points written on the lower-right hand corner. The rest will be done in my next 2 videos.

Below is the various expressions of my mascot Mashi. Like everything I do, I always do large amounts of research to prepare for a given project, and if I was going to have a mascot, I wanted to see the different expressions (and moods) it/he could make. I stole a lot of the expressions from the mangas I've read, Japanese Emoticons, and roaming around DeviantArt.

I took the name Mashi from the Korean flash animation, cartoon character, MashiMaro. Note: I actually do not like MashiMaro's use of toilet humor. But I do like the fact that out of so many Azn characters, MashiMaro has tiny eyes... Unlike anime that is known for it's affinity for large eyes. So that point alone makes me like MashiMaro. And I do, even though I don't care to admit it, like how biting and mean MashiMaro can get... he's funny.

Place Holder Notation. Get use to seeing this. I will be using it in the future.

The below screenshot was taken from this link.

nciku.com is an AWESOME Chinese / English translating website. I especially like the fact the you can write Chinese characters and their program is able to find it. The site is very comprehensive. Go take a look, I would be shocked if you don't find the site impressive.

And lastly, my 2 pix of my mascot Mashi.

Oct 16, 2011

Youtube, Why aren't You Trying to be GREAT?


Below are some notes I did as a "pre-production" to my video. I jot down the most important notes and thoughts that I wanted to convey in my video.

The Below comments are Taken from YourAverageAdam's video "RE: An Open Letter To YouTube," comments' section.

The Below comments are Taken from Ddonq's, "Thoughts on youtube [vlog]"

The Below comments are Taken from Gunnarolla's, "can you be a part-time youtuber anymore?"

Oct 6, 2011

Google, Stop Messing With the MAGIC!


Before I started doing my video, I did a small draft on a notecard to remember what were the most important points I needed to get across.

You will only get the below Pix, if you use Google Docs.

Google is going crazy with the below (example) notations. And they are very annoying. "It messes with the magic.” And that's why I wanted to do my videos. I want to tell Google that they need to STOP messing with the magic.

Google keeps wanting me to use their new Version, where.. when it comes to MY purposes, I DON'T like using it. It does such a terrible job of using space, the margins are now very wasteful.

And now horror of all horrors. Google seems to want to phase out the old version, and instead of asking me if I want to try the new Version, they want me to use it NOW. The notation has no dismiss button anymore. :(

Google, I don't like the way you are going with this.....

Daniel Burrus’ book “Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible.” http://www.flashforesight.com/

Very interesting book, I recommend you read it, if you want to know how to have a successful business.