Oct 6, 2011

Google, Stop Messing With the MAGIC!


Before I started doing my video, I did a small draft on a notecard to remember what were the most important points I needed to get across.

You will only get the below Pix, if you use Google Docs.

Google is going crazy with the below (example) notations. And they are very annoying. "It messes with the magic.” And that's why I wanted to do my videos. I want to tell Google that they need to STOP messing with the magic.

Google keeps wanting me to use their new Version, where.. when it comes to MY purposes, I DON'T like using it. It does such a terrible job of using space, the margins are now very wasteful.

And now horror of all horrors. Google seems to want to phase out the old version, and instead of asking me if I want to try the new Version, they want me to use it NOW. The notation has no dismiss button anymore. :(

Google, I don't like the way you are going with this.....

Daniel Burrus’ book “Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible.” http://www.flashforesight.com/

Very interesting book, I recommend you read it, if you want to know how to have a successful business.

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