Apr 15, 2011

I'm a Maven


Below is a notecard draft, listing what I am best at (..being a Maven) and what I thought Youtube is the best at, what they should focus on to make their site better, and what I had to offer them (if they were to give me a job), ie. I see potential in Youtube that Youtube isn't using their site for. The major flaw being their lack of good organization.

The Below 3 Pix, are lists that show the amount of info that's stored in my head. (That's why it's both why I'm a Maven and why it's so clutter that I suffer from "Curse of Knowledge")

The Below Pic is info I collected during the time I was in college, and the 2 years after I dropped out. This is a time when I was beginning to get into reading and where I 1st started to discover what was on the internet. What it was best used for, ie. finding random information on things that you were interested in. This was the foundation were it set me up for the next 4 years of my life.

The Below Pic is a brief timeline for those said 4 years. Listing all the things that I did and discovered about being azn and azn entertainment. It also shows how much I've moved over those years and that every time I moved, I discovered something new and concentrated on certain areas of entertainment, each move being different. Sorry for the bad handwriting.

(Sorry you can't get a bigger look when you click on the below pic,
I can't seem to have that work)
(Try this one...)

The Below Pic is all of the Chinese entertainment I was exposed to when I spent 6 months in China (2006... the empty/shaded part of the above pic), whether that be music or dramas. And the other azn entertainment I came to discover when I came back to the US in 2007 (one being youtube). For a more comprehensive look on what I discovered click here.

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