Nov 14, 2011

A Little Chinese Lesson: Font (Part 1)

In order to plan for my video, I first drafted what were the most important things I wanted to get across and say. That's the below pic. Note: What I wrote in blue, ended in my next video. Wrote it on the wrong side.

In order to do my video, I prepared by reading "The Simple art of Chinese calligraphy : create your own Chinese characters and symbols for good fortune and prosperity" by Qu, Lei Lei. I saw this book at one of the Phoenix Public Libraries and thought I should read it. I thought it would be a good way to get some background info on what I needed to say in the video.

I based my 山 Pictogram evolution to standard script on his book (seen on the top row).

Like always, when I need to do something, I always 1st draft it out.

And then turn that draft into the finally product.

These pages can be found on pg. 88-91 of Mr. Qu's book. They show you how to engrave a name into a seal.

Below are the 3 different seal my grandpa made for me. All three have a different script. Showing the variety to which you can get your name done in. Plenty to choose from.

One of my seals has the detail of a Chinese lion (or maybe a dog) on top of it.

Note: I have this out of order. The red lettering with white background belongs to the seal at the bottom of the pic, and the white lettering with red background belongs to the seal at the top.

The more simplistic looking one of my seals, came with a traditional box. For safe keeping and to protect it.

The biggest seal I have also has an added note for the character of the rat. Because that's the year that I was born in.

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