Nov 13, 2011

A Little Chinese Lesson: Art

This time around, for my video, I wanted to show more evidence on how much I consider myself to be an artist. That's why the below contains the two art forms that I love best. Drawings and Font... with a little education thrown in. Know that these 3 things are at a glance, who I am.

If you are curious to how I did the Pictogram for the Character 木 / Mù ? . . below shows how I did it.

SideNote: Just drawing on glass, would not have been the most feasible, since as you can see... Glass is see through and the background is distracting and in the way...

So I taped some posterbroad to the other side of the glass, and Voila.... Instant, makeshift, ghetto-ize, "Whitebroad." (Downside: when shooting on glass, when there's light, it reflects, that's why there was glare shown in the video.)

I positioned my MacBook close enough to the glass that I was able to cut the black "frames" (the decorative grid in the sliding door glass) out of the shot. And that's how I did it.

The below 2 pictograms are of my name.

My surname Lin / 林.

and My 1st Name Lan / 岚

Trying to teach people my name, I thought teaching the character's history would be a good and creative way to go about doing it.

That's why if you know anything about the character 林, you would know that it's character is made up of two 木's meaning = tree, the word at the top. And by using the word 木 to form new words, it made the below 2 words. 森林 / Sēnlín, meaning = forest. And that's where the 林 / Lin in my name comes from.

As a comparison, See the difference between how 林 started out as a pictogram and then to it's modern day iteration.

Want to know what Lin / 林 technically means? With the help of my MacBook, read below:

And lastly, below is one of the many different versions of my mascot Mashi. I'm always redrawing him, trying to find the "perfect" version of him and therefore my logo... Still. not. there. yet. . .

Meaning I'm going to keep trying. Don't be surprise if you see this (or another version of this) logo again.

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